Vanlife in Mallorca & FAQ's

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about camping in Mallorca. If something is still not clear, please contact us at any time.  

Vanlife in Mallorca

Camping in Mallorca is unique and special. That is exactly why we attach great importance to environmental protection. Please help us to preserve nature also in the long term and look at our tips that we have compiled for you. 

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Stand free with the camper

Since there are basically no official campsites in Mallorca, you will be free-standing, so to speak. That means you look for a parking lot / campsite (gladly from our map) to spend the night, this is officially tolerated. However, if you do not abide by the given rules, this will unfortunately not last forever. Therefore, it is important for everyone to treat nature on Mallorca and its inhabitants respectfully. Only in this way can we preserve camping in Mallorca.

Camping behavior 

You are generally not allowed to put out a camping table and chairs when you are on the campsites/parking lots. However, the Mallorcans love picnics, so it is of course allowed to take your table and chair to the beach or spread out on official picnic areas. 

Cooking and eating

Of course, you can also have your meal in front of the camper and sit outside. It just must not look like a permanent camping. Here you will quickly develop a feeling because of the large camper community. A small insider tip from us: Use the inexpensive, typical small Mallorcan bars to eat there a pamboli or variados. 


Because our campers are equipped with a complete bathroom, you can easily take a shower in the camper. In very isolated places you can of course also use the outdoor shower, which is especially helpful to rinse off the salt water from the day. But please make sure that you do this unobserved and do not use any shampoos for the outdoor shower. Of course, you can also use our biodegradable shampoos outside. 


You have an environmentally friendly camping toilet in the camper. Our dry separation toilet was designed especially for us and will be explained to you in detail when renting. 

Nature reserves and private grounds

You can drive through nature reserves on the official roads. But neither camping nor parking is allowed here. Mallorcans love and protect their private property. Please be respectful and do not stay on private property without permission. 


This is strictly forbidden due to the high risk of forest fires, as in many other Mediterranean countries. However, there are a lot of picnic areas where you can use a public barbecue. This is especially nice in the off-season, as there are often less people here and camping is also officially allowed at some of these places. Perfect for a cozy evening. 

Waste disposal 

A topic that is also very close to our hearts is waste disposal. Especially on an island this has to be considered separately. We assume that all our tenants are as respectful of the environment and nature as we are. Therefore, please do not leave garbage anywhere and do not dispose of it improperly. Also help the Mallorcans to keep the island beautiful and take the garbage from the predecessor and do good for the environment and nature. 
Mallorca now has an incredibly large camper community. Even the spanish themselves come a lot from the mainland to the island to enjoy the nature. You will probably also quickly get into conversation with locals and get many more tips, but even if not, we are always contact and help you to an unforgettable camping experience on Mallorca. 

FAQ's booking

  Is there a minimum age for renting?

Yes, you must be at least 25 years old and have had your driver's license for 2 years.

 Can I drive the campers with a car license?

Yes, the class B driver's license is all you need.

 Are all km included ?

Yes, all KM are included.

 Where and how is the booking made?

The booking is made via the button "Book now".

When are the handover times?

You can coordinate the handover directly with us individually.

 How many people can fit in the camper?

The camper can accommodate up to 3 people.

 How do I have to return the camper?

The camper must be returned as you received it, e.g. toilet emptied, full tank, etc. You can find the details in our rental conditions. 

 Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, 4 days is the minimum rental period.

 How are the vehicles insured?

The vehicles are fully insured. The deductible is 1500 €, but can be reduced at the time of booking for an additional fee.

 What are the cancellation conditions?

Up to 48 h after booking the cancellation is free of charge and the tenant gets his deposit back 
From 3 days to 60 days before the beginning of the rental period, 30 % of the total price is due as cancellation fee. 
from 30-59 days before the beginning of the rental period 50 % of the total price will be charged as cancellation fee. 
from 29 days before the beginning of the rental period, 100 % of the total price is due as cancellation fee and remains with campavista.

FAQ's Equipment

 How does the compost toilet work?

The compost toilet works completely without chemicals and water. You will find detailed information about this in our on-board folder and you will of course receive a detailed briefing when you take delivery of the vehicle.

  Can I cook in the camper?

Yes, you have a fully equipped kitchen in the camper. 

 Can I take a shower in the camper?

Yes, you can shower both inside and outside.

 Do I have running water in the camper?

Yes, you have cold and hot water inside and outside.

 What else do I need to take on board?

The service fee includes all kitchen utensils and other equipment you need for camping. You can find more information about this at our camper prices. 

 Where can I book the extras?

You can book the extras in the booking process.

 Can I also transport bicycles?

Yes, you can add a bike rack when booking. 

 Can I book a child seat?

Yes, you can book a child seat when booking.

 Can I heat in the camper?

Yes, all campers have a Truma Combi 4 gas heater.

 Is the gas bottle included in the rental price?

Yes, a rental bottle is installed in the camper. If the gas bottle is empty during your trip, contact us or have it refilled at the nearest gas station or hardware store. 

 What extras can I rent?

On the page of our camper prices you will find a list of extras and in the booking process you also have the possibility to select the extras.

FAQ's with the camper across the island

 Are pets allowed?

No, pets are not allowed.

 Is it allowed to smoke in the camper? 

No, smoking is prohibited.

  Where can I stand and stay overnight with the camper?

You can stand in any designated parking lot / campsite for cars and campers and in any place where no express prohibition is issued. Nature reserves are also taboo. You will receive a map with campsite tips from us upon rental and will soon have the opportunity to officially book additional sites on our campsite page. 

 Am I really completely autarkic in the camper?

Yes, you have enough electricity, water and gas on board. If you run out of water or gas, you can easily refill them.

Where can I fill up fresh water and drain gray water?

You will receive the relevant information from us when renting and handing over.

 Can I take the camper to another island or the mainland?

No, you are allowed to explore only the island with the camper.

 Can I already book campavista campsites?

Currently we are working hard to offer you the first campsites for booking. 

When is the best time to travel?

You can travel Mallorca 365 days a year. Each season has its advantages. If you would like to be advised on this, feel free to contact us. We will give you tips. 

FAQ's payment

 How can I pay?

We offer all common payment methods (Paypal, credit card, bank transfer).

 When do I have to pay?

A deposit of 30% is due at the time of booking. The rest must be paid 14 days before the rental.

 Are there any additional processing fees?

No, we do not charge any processing fees.

 What is the service fee?

The service fee includes the complete camper equipment and the final cleaning.

 How do I have to pay the deposit?

The deposit must be received by bank transfer to our account until the beginning of the rental period.