campavista shall become more than just a camper rental for you in the future. Our goal is to revolutionize traveling on Mallorca. We want to create something new together with you and show you that Mallorca is more than sun, beach and sea. In our blog you will constantly find new tips and tricks for camping on Mallorca and more information about our ideas and visions.


Camping Mallorca

July 2022

You would like to rent one of our campers, but ask yourself "how is that now with camping in Mallorca?", then we answer you here some questions.
First of all, camping is allowed on Mallorca. There are designated campsites or sites specifically for campers. But also "free standing" is very well possible, if you follow a few rules.
We have written down the best spots in our guide for you. There you can stand everywhere without any problems, but you should keep in mind that not all of them are suitable for spending the night. We have marked them separately. Of course you can also look for a nice spot yourself. However, please make sure that you do not stand on private property or in a nature reserve. In general, we and the island are very concerned about nature conservation. Therefore, please always pay attention to all prohibition signs and designated nature protection zones. At some spots where overnight parking is not allowed, you can of course (if not otherwise indicated) park, swim, hike, eat and then look for a place to spend the night from our guide.

Mallorcans love to picnic and even you are allowed to set up your chairs and table and picnic outside, just put the table and chairs back in the camper when you are done and don't set up a big camp.
You'd like to have a barbecue? No problem, there are many designated grilling areas, grilling is allowed there. Just check the guide. We would like to ask you, but not to make a fire in front of your camper, Mallorca is very dry in the summer and there is always danger of forest fire. 
The big plus of our campers is that you are completely self-sufficient. A toilet and an indoor and outdoor shower allow you to be much more flexible. The toilet you simply empty with the residual waste, the showers allow you to rinse off salt water and sand directly on site. If you use shower gels or shampoo, make sure that they are biodegradable and never dispose of the dirty water in the water. There are special disposal stations for this purpose, which you will also find in the guide. In addition, there are showers and toilets on many beaches, which you can also use wonderfully.
Mallorca is beautiful and with the camper simply even more beautiful. To experience nature so close is indescribable, we would like to keep it that way, but this is only possible with your help. So be careful and leave your place always clean, then it will not come to problems.


July 2022

10 day tour from north to east
Exploring Mallorca with a motorhome is an absolute highlight. We chose a rental motorhome from Campavista for our 10-day trip. The Ford Transit models, which we converted ourselves, not only look stylish, but also allow for self-sufficient travel. 
When planning our itinerary, road conditions were one of the decision criteria. Through previous stays we knew that the narrow streets and steep roads known for Mallorca are mainly found in the north-west of the island. Consequently, we decided to explore the north-east of the island. The region is known for its numerous sandy beaches as well as picturesque bays. 

Day 1: Victoria Peninsula, Cala Victoria 

After picking up the car and a comprehensive briefing, our first port of call was the peninsula "La Victoria" in the north of Mallorca. Compared to the peninsula Formentor, this peninsula is rather unknown and attracts more individual vacations. Our destination was the "Cala Victoria" with a spacious parking lot and sanitary facilities. This enchants with its magnificent view over the sea and the small sandy bay for swimming. Picnic areas with tables and benches can also be found. A wonderful place for the first night to arrive. For those who don't want to self-cater yet, we can recommend the beach restaurant with Mallorcan cuisine. 

Day 2: Peninsula Victoria, Ermita de la Victoria 

After a wonderful quiet night and a breakfast in the first line of the sea, we decided to stay one more day on the peninsula to arrive properly. We spent the morning swimming and sunbathing. 
In the afternoon at siesta we caught a favorable moment without much traffic to drive up the narrow and winding serpentine road to the "Ermita de la Victoria". The old monastery is the most visited destination on the island with a magnificent view of the bay of Pollenca. Also on site are sanitary facilities, picnic areas, a restaurant with outdoor terrace and ample RV suitable parking. Towards late afternoon, we decided to take a two-hour circular walk. There are several routes marked on a hiking board on site. The smaller ones can be done well with sneakers. 

Day 3: Playa de Muro and Calla Agulla

The next morning we had to get up very early. We had to drive down the serpentine roads again and if possible without oncoming traffic. Our next destination was the Playa de Muro, a pearl in the north of Mallorca. Over six kilometers stretches fine, white sandy beach. A perfect place for a morning long beach walk to the most famous jetty or postcard motif of Mallorca. With a few exceptions, the entire beach area is managed, sunbed and umbrella rental next to public showers are available.  
Towards afternoon we drove along the coastal road to Betlem to find a place to sleep for the night. I knew from previous stays that there were many small parking bays off the road. Unfortunately, the island government had only recently provided the coastal road with new boundary posts. Thus, the smaller parking spots were no longer accessible.  
Plan B consisted of driving to the car and RV park at Cala Agulla. The parking lot cost 12 euros per night and can be used until 08:00 the next day.  Here we found a beautiful place on the huge area with unique selling point.  

Day 4: Cala Agulla, Cala Ratjada 

We decided to spend the day at the small picturesque sandy bay "Cala Agulla". This cost us 6 euros booth fee for a day ticket and you were at the beach in a few minutes walk.  Here we treated ourselves to two loungers with a parasol. 
In the evening was eating and strolling at Cala Ratjada with its beautiful harbor on the program. Close to the center we can recommend the public parking lot for motor homes in the "Carer Floral". This is in the shade and who wants, can also spend the night there.  However, the parking lot was too noisy for us because of the lively nightlife and the adjacent discos. Therefore we looked for a quieter parking lot in the side streets of Cala Gat, adjacent to Cala Ratjada. 

Day 5: Cala Gat

We found a public parking lot at the end of the side street the night before. Since it was already dark, we experienced the beauty of our pitch only the next morning.  With a direct view of the sea over the rocky shores, we experienced an unforgettable sunrise. Afterwards, we were the first visitors at Playa de Cala Gat in the early morning hour.  
Our afternoon program led us to Pedruscada. about 2 km away from Cala Ratjada. The weather was a bit cloudier towards afternoon. Since the coastal strip is not suitable for sunbathing due to its rock formation, we took an extensive walk on the pedestrian path "Senda Atzavares". RV parking is very easy to find one or two streets above the path. 
We set up camp for the night in Provensals. On the way between Pedruscada and Provensals are now and then smaller bathing bays whose beauty is well worth a short drive. We spent the night at the "Parking marche" with the unique landscape view over the rocky coast.  

Day 6: Coves de Arta, Playa de sa Marjal 

Today we had some cultural program, the visit of the stalactite caves of Artá "Cuevas de Artà".  With the camper can be found in the early morning hour still good parking.  As soon as the tourist rush starts around 11:00 and the tour buses drive up the serpentine roads, we would not recommend the arrival with the camper. 
We moved on towards the east. We pitched our night camp at the beach section "Playa de sa Marjal". The view of the leafy mountain range is magnificent, the water is clear and amenities such as showers are also available. The beach section is especially popular with locals, as it is rarely crowded. Additionally, there are plenty of designated parking spaces for RVs.  

Day 7: Cala Romantica 

Without a doubt an absolute dream is the beautiful bathing bay "Cala Romantica" or also known as S'Estany d'en Mas. Surrounded by a promontory overgrown with pine forests, you can not only relax here, but also breathe in the scent of Mallorca.  The public parking lot is designated for RVs and even offers sea views. Here we spent a whole day and let our soul dangle. 

Day 8: Hippocamp camping site 

Our water tank was slowly getting emptier and we looked for a suitable place to fill up via the campavista map. So our next leg of the journey took us to the Hippocamp campground. Unexpectedly, we came across a small oasis in the middle of nowhere. A beautiful campsite with friendly staff and inviting pool. In the summer months and especially on weekends, the campground is well frequented by locals and usually completely booked. On these days you should call ahead and make a reservation.  

Day 9: Portocolom

Our next stop led us to Portocolom. An absolutely worth seeing old fishing village with the largest natural harbor in Mallorca. Here you can find everything your heart desires. Great restaurants, cute bars, diving schools, small individual stores, Mediterranean alleys, a tiny old town, beautiful secluded coves and a camping-friendly parking infrastructure with beautiful pitches directly on the water. We were so thrilled that our next stay will definitely take us to this wonderful place again. 

Day 10: St. Magdalene

Our last night in our small, meanwhile beloved camper cave was coming up.   Since we had to drop off the camper in Inca the next day, we wanted to experience a little highlight once again. However, this should already be in the vicinity to shorten the morning drive to us.  About 6 km east of Inca is the free-standing mountain "Piug de Santa Magdalena". This mountain is rather unknown to tourists and rather a destination for locals. On the mountain there is a small chapel "Ermita de Santa Magdalena", a restaurant, enough parking spaces and picnic areas with tables and benches. Once at the top, you are rewarded with a beautiful view over the island. The ascent is a bit adventurous. The access road is well paved, but very narrow and winding.  

Day 11: Drop off in Inca 

The drop-off of the camper was very uncomplicated and friendly. We have previously disposed of our garbage at one of the public waste disposal sites, to then return the car broom clean. We had a wonderful trip with the camper and would rent a camper from campavista again at any time. This way we could get to know Mallorca from another side. 

Stephanie R. , June 2022

Our campers are finally ready.

June 2022

Our expansion is moving forward!!!

07 may 2022

The walls of the bathroom were already placed last week. From day to day we are getting closer to our campers.

The matching bathroom tiles are found!!!!!

The interior work is progressing. The wall cabinets are mounted.

So slowly you can see where the journey should go. We are very excited. The future furniture is being screwed and sawn. The water supply lines have also been laid, including the installation of the fresh water tank.

The insulation is in place and the first structural beams have been screwed in place. 

The electrics have been laid and this completes the first large and elaborate part. Now we continue with the insulation. 

Sampling of the future floor. We think he is great!!!

Buenos Días

The time has come!!! We finally start with our campavista blog. We are now officially online since January 2022 and we are really looking forward to everything that is coming now. In our first post, we want to tell you a bit more about our vision and ideas.
So here goes.

How it all started:
Our campavista idea started during our parental leave in 2020. In the middle of the pandemic, we realized that in the next few years, travel will change more and more. We (Stefan and Sandra) have been enthusiastic campers for years. We ourselves already had a finished van and an old camper, which we completely renovated ourselves. After our son was born and the pandemic, we have been on the road in our parental leave a total of 10 weeks with the camper. We realized that camping is not only ideal as a couple or single, but also the optimal family vacation and we enjoy freedom and flexibility. We simply went where we liked it. Matthias, our third in the campavista group, already lives temporarily on Mallorca and in 2017 made his dream of a house on Mallorca possible. Since then, we spend our vacations there not only once a year. Meanwhile, we love and appreciate the island not only as a vacation destination but also for living.  .  

The idea: But how did campavista come into being. In our last trips to Mallorca we noticed that Mallorca is the ideal destination for authentic camping. Many people think of the classic package vacation or individual tourism when they think of Mallorca, but not of camping. For us, however, is certain, the vacation in Mallorca is more than that in the future. Tourism on the island is changing fundamentally. Sustainability and environmental protection are now also a big issue on the island. We would like to contribute above all to travel the island consciously and to put the attention on the beautiful nature and culture of Majorca. That's why we want to build a network next to our classic camper rental. On the one hand from campsites for you as campers and on the other hand from cooperations with regional companies and products. Thus, we want to bring you closer to the real Mallorca with all its products and the beautiful landscape, for authentic and unique vacation memories and additionally support Mallorcan products and companies. Therefore, we have already started to buy the cars for our campers directly on the island at the dealer and let these, also locally by our partner Camperizacion Mallorca Camper in Muro develop. We find only in such a way we can arrange also authentic vacation feeling already from the beginning. That is: We are currently intensively looking for partners who are already Fincabesitzer, owners of an Agroturismos, wine farmer, olive farmer or similar and have space for our campers. The goal is to create authentic overnight accommodations for you as campers and to be able to enjoy the wine from the winegrower directly in the evening, to cook with the olive oil from the farmer or to use the pool from the agrotourism. Overnight stay times completely differently than used.
You already notice. Our heads are bubbling with ideas and we want to implement and build so much. It remains exciting and we are happy if you accompany us on our journey.
#stay tuned
Sandra, Stefan and Matthias

09. Februar 2022