About us

All beginnings are difficult! But together with you we will make camping in Mallorca a new & sustainable experience! 
The three of us are Sandra, Stefan & Matthias. Three good friends who have been passionate campers and Mallorca lovers for many years. 
Over a can of San Miguel, the idea was born to try something new: Camping on Mallorca! However, not in the classic style, rather with authentic Mallorcan campers. 

Camping with campavista means:

Discover Mallorca 
Experience nature 
Enjoy freedom 

Environmental awareness

The nature on Mallorca is as diverse as it is unique. This is exactly what we want to preserve. With your help, camping in harmony with nature should be possible and we can contribute together to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible.
Therefore, we attach importance to:

- environmentally friendly engines and latest technology
- regional manufacture for our campers
- natural materials
- no use of chemicals due to a compost toilet
- biodegradable care products